"From Where I Sit" Video Series

Four Suggested Senerios for Using this Resource

Scenario One
A faculty development director sets up a series of workshops geared toward helping faculty make their courses and course materials more accessible. The video story is utilized as a springboard for discussion while the suggested lesson plan can assist facilitators in leading the discussion. One strong suggestion is to co-facilitate the workshops with disability services professionals who can provide additional information and resources.

Scenario Two
An academic department chair wants to raise the awareness of her/his department's faculty regarding assisting students with disabilities. S/he uses half an hour of the departmental meeting time for this purpose. The department chair contacts the disability services director to assist. The disability services staff member uses one of these videos as a springboard for discussion about student needs and the importance of faculty partnership.

Scenario Three
The disability services office wants to help students with disabilities develop their advocacy skills. The videos are used to open a dialogue with students about self-disclosure and communication with faculty about their specific learning styles and needs.

Scenario Four
The academic technology director wants to raise awareness among the technical staff/consultants regarding the real-world experience of students with disabilities using technology and online programs, and how emerging technologies help faculty increase student involvement in the learning process. The videos are used to help engage communication between technical support people and their clients.