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Photo of Kellie          Kellie's Story

Kellie was born deaf but learned to speak with the help of hearing aid, but an accident in her childhood robbed her of all of her hearing.  She decided at age 13 that she wanted a cochlear implant.  She has worked hard to keep speaking, has completed her education and has become a counsellor for the disabled.  During college, she helped faculty know how to accommodate a deaf student in their classroom.


Kellie's Story

Several professors were asked to watch the video series and make comments after seeing and hearing her story.  You will find these very useful to share with other faculty.

Faculty Response to Kellie

Kellie's Suggestions

  1. Talk directly to the deaf students and not through their interpreter.
  2. Understand the purpose of note-takers and enthusiastically ask for volunteers to assist the students who need this accommodation.
  3. Position students in a circle for better communication.
  4. Ask students to speak to you privately if they are concerned about meeting course requirements.
  5. Allow students to choose their seat.
  6. Use a loud, strong voice.
  7. Be open to new ideas and suggestions.
  8. Caption all video used for instruction.
  9. Avoid lecturing while you are writing on the blackboard. Face the class to make comments.
  10. Write material on the board prior to your lecture or provide a handout of any material written on the board prior to class.
  11. Do not use uncaptioned videos.