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Photo of Gregoire          Gregoire's Story

Gregoire, from Cameroon, was deafened by contracting the mumps when he was in grade school.  He received a scholarship to a university in the United States and majored in Spanish.  Remote captioning was used in the classroom and he took all classes without an interpreter.


Gregoire Story

Several professors were asked to watch the video series and make comments after seeing and hearing his story.  You will find these very useful to share with other faculty.

Faculty Response to Gregoire

Gregoire's Suggestions

  1. Allow students to use alternative methods to receive or record lectures.
  2. Ensure inclusiveness in the classroom and discourage stereotypical behavior.
  3. Make important information more visual with handouts, PowerPoint slides, and online class notes.
  4. Buy only videos with captioning.
  5. Have non-captioned videos captioned before using.
  6. Provide list of vocabulary and technical terms to interpreters as well as all members of the class ahead of time.
  7. Repeat questions asked by students so that remote captionists or interpreters can communicate all information occurring in the classroom.