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Photo of Gloria B          Gloria B's Story

After years in a professional career, Gloria B became unable to physically disabled and unable to keep her career.  She had chosen a career that bypassed her Learning Disability, but she had to return to school and face the fears she had left years ago, to get through college with a Learning Disability.


Gloria B's Story

Several professors were asked to watch the video series and make comments after seeing and hearing her story.  You will find these very useful to share with other faculty.

Faculty Response to Gloria B

Student Suggestions

  1. Be open to communication with students.
  2. Provide more than one way to demonstrate knowledge of the subject.
  3. Use the textbook if students are required to purchase it.
  4. Explain the goals and objectives when classes begin.
  5. Put lecture notes online.
  6. Use PowerPoint presentations as a review to support your lecture.
  7. Be open to communication with students about their learning style.
  8. Ask before erasing the board to ensure that students have gotten the information.