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Microsoft Word

Word 2010 Video Tutorials

The videos provided below are a preview of the collection of Word 2010 video tutorials to be released in January, 2012. If you have questions or feedback regarding them, please contact the ATI.

Note that these videos are available in both streaming and downloadable formats. The streaming versions include closed captions. The downloadable formats are intended for playback on Apple software (e.g. iTunes, QuickTime Player) and portable devices (iPod/iPad). These videos are subtitled (rather than captioned) to work around several limitations with captions on Apple software/hardware (i.e. captions block portions of the video frame and are limited to 32 characters/line).

Viewing Styles (.m4v. 1.26MB)

Applying and Modifying Styles (.m4v. 2.84MB)

Creating Accessible Columns (.m4v. 1.55MB)