Microsoft Word

Word 2010 Video Tutorials

There are 32 Word 2010 video tutorials organized into 10 categories listed below. Each of the videos is available in streaming and downloadable format. Select a topic area from the list below to view the videos associated with that topic:

Accessibility Notes

The streaming videos include closed captions that are enabled by default. Users may toggle the appearance of closed captions by activating the CC button on the video.

The downloadable videos are intended for playback on Apple software (e.g. iTunes, QuickTime Player) and portable devices (iPod/iPad). These videos are subtitled (rather than captioned) to work around several limitations with captions on Apple software/hardware (i.e. captions block portions of the video frame and are limited to 32 characters/line). When viewing the downloadble videos, ensure that you have configured QuickTime Player to show subtitles by enabling the setting 'Show subtitles when available'.

If you have questions or feedback regarding these videos, please contact the ATI.

Last updated: March, 8, 2012