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Adobe PDF Accessibility Resources

You will find materials and resources here that have been created at other CSU campuses, the ATI, other universities and vendors.  The purpose of this site to maintain a library of resources for your use in support of your training needs.  Please contribute your training materials to our resources as well.

Accessibility Tools

This free, Windows-based application allows users to evaluate whether PDFs conform to the PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0 standards. It generates a summary report and offers a Preview function which displays the tag structure of the PDF and presents the document elements as they would be conveyed to users of assistive technology.

This commercial, Windows-based application is an add-on for Microsoft Office that allows users to create accessible PDFs from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. It provides a simple but powerful interface to assess and remediate the user's source document within Word and Poweroint and then export a tagged PDF.


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